Phaco Emulsification

This is the modern cataract surgery in which the natural lens is emulsified using an ultrasonic hand piece and then aspirated from the eye. A foldable Intra Ocular Lens is then placed in its place to provide clear vision. Our surgeon helps you in choosing the best lens option. This is a day care surgery which allows you to return to normal activity in just two days.

No injection, no stitch, no bandage cataract surgery.

  • Anaesthetic drops numb the eye, so no injection.
  • The incision is jus 2.5 mm and is self sealing, so no sutures.


We use the Infiniti with Ozil technology Phacoemulsification System. The Infiniti Machine has advanced fluidics control which ensure that the patients have clear corneas on post op day one and also minimal wound burn.

Intra Ocular Lens power calculation

We use the Zeiss Intra Ocular lens Master, the most advanced technology, to measure the power of the Intra Ocular Lens with almost nil error.

Intra Ocular Lens options

  • Rigid Lenses
  • Acrysof IQ Foldable Lenses
  • Rezoom Multifocal Lenses